Thursday, July 23, 2015

How Referrals, Lead Generation, and Networking Events Bind Together

For London businessmen seeking to acquire new clients, there are three terms that they must familiarize themselves with: referrals, lead generation, and networking events. Individually, each of these offers an advantage that holds a great promise for business growth. When taken together, however, these three create the perfect recipe to skyrocketing sales and protecting investments. - Lead Generation and Referrals - Leads are basically lists of potential clients that a company could obtain via demographics, cold calls, or other marketing strategies. While leads do not exactly promise conversion to sales, they are the most likely people to avail of certain products and services. Referrals, on the other hand, lists of people that you obtain through partners and clients. Also, they do not exactly convert to sales, but they hold great potential.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Networking Events Can Be a Great Help for Budding Magicians in London

Magicians are fun and engaging people. Some use magic performances as a way to supplement their daily income, but others dedicate themselves completely to their craft and develop it to sublime levels. Meeting other magicians, especially in a social and professional setting such as a networking event, may be intimidating. Fortunately, Michael Kent, a magician and speaker by trade, has been able to use the event to banish his self-doubts and gel with other people. The above may not be far from the truth for the magician community right in London, England. The city already has a number of magicians’ organisations and specialty magic supplies stores, and chances are, your friends may have even hired at least one magician to mesmerise guests at their social events.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Joining Networking Events in London? 3 Tips to Build Strong Relations

It is no secret that attending London networking events sponsored by reputable business networking services like BNI London is a great way to build strong business relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. In fact, you may even find new customers willing to purchase a product or service you offer! Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by the grandeur of networking events. As a result, many first-timers tend to clam up and fade into the background. Of course, such an outcome simply won’t do.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Join Networking Events in London to Build Beneficial Relationships

You may think that you are already selling your services when you’re networking with other people. The truth is, you are only making connections with people who in turn can help you in your sales. While selling may involve repetitive promotion of products or services to a particular audience, networking follows a rule that a networker can only contact a person one time. To learn more about networking and how it can work for you, attend networking events in London. Here you can find many individual with the same interest whom you can build a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Networking Events in London for Photographers: Opening a Wider Lens

Some people may look at photography as a wonderful profession to earn a living from, or at least have a second paycheque to supplant their main income. Being able to find veteran lens men from whom you could learn is a big key in advancing your skills with the camera. In her article for the Digital Photography School hobbyist website, Lara White said it takes a lot of effort to build contacts if you ever decide to hit the professional circuit. The sights of London are already spectacles too hard to miss, even for casual “shooters.” There are many professional studios and even paparazzi whose candid shots would later end up in the gossip papers. If you are parlaying your craft with the camera into a passion worth being paid for while creating new leads, it makes sense to attend networking events in London organized by outfits such as BNI London.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Acing Business Networking Events in London: Expert Tips for Newbies

" suggests you practice networking even if you’re not in business events, like in social gatherings. If you get used to networking practices in less formal settings, the skill will come naturally to you. If you exercise your networking skills only when you have to, chances are, you’ll feel stressed and anxious when in these events. As soon as you feel ready to join networking events in London, search for organizers online, such as BNI London. These companies can help you find the best occasions, depending on your company’s needs and the industry you’re in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top Tips on How to Succeed at Business Networking Events in London

Essentially, you can think of networking events in London as a get-together of like-minded individuals who wish to broaden their professional linkages. While you may be on the lookout for something specific, keep in mind that you also have something of value to offer. Be generous with your resources and contacts, and adopt the mind-set that you are representing your company. Aim to meet the right people, build rapport with them, and leave a lasting impression so they will not hesitate to refer you to other business owners. Given the limited time you have, however, don’t feel pressure to exchange business cards with everyone in the room or close a deal with someone right there and then. Rather, identify beforehand the people or groups with whom you wish to establish a connection. You may join in on conversations at opportune moments, but do so politely.