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A Business Networking Recipe – Spice It Up With New Sales Pitch

Getting the new business networking recipe

Business networking in groups require expertise in communication whilst, communication is the backbone of the society. This enables the individual to form a connection, motivate change, and influence decisions. Without the communication skills, the possibility to move forward would be difficult as well.

Understanding Glossophobia

Majority of the people have glossophobia or speech anxiety. They are those who have fears of public exposure, but they are also keen observers and objective listeners. However, some people are also communication experts, but they don’t have the ability to pitch their skills.

Speaking to the public the right way plays an important role in the society. It is also the most feared forms of communication. In the business world, public speaking provides great impact on your career path and success in the business industry.

Why Public Speaking Is Essential?

To Win Over A Crowd

When you are doing business, public speaking is essential. This will help you win over a crowd. Of course, you need to be knowledgeable about the subject you are presenting. But, you must also need to be credible when carrying your speech. You must also need to be prepared when oppositions arise. You must speak with composure and sales pitch.

To Motivate People

Public speaking also enables you to motivate people. You influence them to do something, change behaviour, or attain goals. Networking your business in groups might be a critical idea to discuss. But, putting excitement and enthusiasm into your pitch enliven your audience.

Talking to a group of people needn’t be stiff and boring. It also requires spice to entertain. It is not just enough to basically know the issues at hand. It would also be best to encourage your audience to share their passion.

To Inform

One of the most important features of public speaking is the ability to inform. It is not only pure visuals; it is more on details of the subject you bring into the table. Once you have the chance to take out your speech, you will have the capability to enhance their understanding. Then, your entire speech will be remembered and defines what you are as a networker.

Business networking new sales pitch - public speaking

How To Overcome Speech Anxiety?

Statistically, most women have glossophobia or fear of public speaking. In fact, it is the third most common fear after losing a family member. But, this is not the case. You cannot avoid speaking in the public especially if you are running a business or building up a new career.

Speech anxiety may be irrational. You simply stand in front of a people, but there was no threat at all. Thus, you have the opportunity to present yourself. You learn, you impact someone, you deliver a message, and you walk away fulfilled. If you want to prove yourself worthy, it is best to overcome speech anxiety.

Keep It Professional

Be true to yourself but in a more professional way. Speak in your language and be casual. You need to think that you are only talking to your friend offering something to sell. Watch out for your stance and posture. This will describe your personality as a speaker and signifies your confidence to speak. Find your comfort zone but avoid extra movements. This only shows uneasiness.

Make Solid Eye Contact And Hands On The Side

This is one of the most challenging tasks, making an eye-to-eye contact with your audience. If you want to become a better networker, you must practice eye contact. Making an eye contact provides connection to an individual. Placing your hands on the side also is a professional way to speak. However, you can let your hands make gestures naturally.

Use The Right Words and Pauses

Speaking to the public does not require proper grammar structure. Hence, use words that can easily be understood. Be concise and straightforward. Avoid jargon and fillers. You will just complicate the entire speech. Keep in mind, you are there to encourage people and make them learn.

A good speaker must also know the right time to take pauses. This will enable your audience to digest the information you have thrown to them. Then, make sure you always follow it with a call to action line, a key point in your overall message.

Business networking-how to overcome speech anxiety

Breathe and Memorise

Slow down. Take a deep breath. Give your muscles a break for once. Always remember, your voice is your weapon. It is responsible for delivering your message and connecting with the people. Prior to your speech, memorise your introduction. This will be your springboard once you begin talking. Then, make sure it has significance to your ending speech.

Put On Confidence Until It Comes

Building self-confidence is very difficult to attain, but faking it would be the best option. If you feel anxious, hide it and cover it with a smile and deep breath. Later on, your body starts to initiate real gestures of confidence. If you forgot or repeated something, try your best not to apologise. It will just bring out attention to your audience.

The Final Ingredient

Exchanging of ideas will always be a part of the entire communication. You must be prepared to interact without combating certain issues. Keep in mind, there is a difference between exchanging ideas and combating certain issues. Exchanging of ideas refers to a debate whilst combating issues is an argument.

Local business networking groups will always have an instance where the members will be compelled with their differences. It is the balance of nature. Each time you speak, there might be conflicting thoughts you will face from other members. Hence, the best ingredient to outshine them is to remain calm, rational and reasonable at all times.

Attempt to resolve an issue using effective grammar and speech. Have patience and be willing to lose graciously. That is sportsmanship. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This will give you the opportunity to open up a new door of building a solid relationship and trust - that’s the concept of business networking.


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