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Business Networking Tips For Extroverts

Business networking tips for extroverts
Being An Extrovert

Introverts are shy whilst extroverts are outgoing. Most people attending in various networking events are extroverts because they love the talking and interacting with other individuals as well. However, extroverts usually fail to succeed in business networking career. Why? This is simply because extroverts are talkers, but, are usually poor listeners.

Many extroverts engage in business networking. They gain energy from other people. They easily recharged by being socially active. According to Han’s theory, extroverts have lower basic rates of arousal. They need to work harder to stimulate their body and minds to reach the normal state. This triggers the extroverts to seek adventure and novelty, craving the company of others.

Meanwhile, networking involves good listening skills to succeed. Listening helps you understand a situation. By understanding a situation, you identify the concerns. Then, you ended up finding ways to help them. Once you offered help, you build a new connection and starting to establish trust. When trust is there, strong relationships are widened. Therefore, networking is like a puzzle. It simply connects the dot one by one. There is no shortcut; it always being with a single step.

How to do the right business networking for extroverts

Networking Tips for Extroverts

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, a few tactics can help you out to gain more important connection. Introverts always get a bad rap because of shyness and lack of confidence. Extroverts are the life of the party or event. But, in terms of business networking, similar practices are recommended.

Manage Your Expectations

If you are going to a business networking event, avoid stressing yourself in meeting a lot of people. Keep in mind that successful networking does not depend on how many people you have met and talked in the event. The real concept of successful networking is to have at least one or two real connections. One quality conversation is more beneficial than the 20 superficial ones.

Plan Some Ice-Breakers Ahead Of Time

Introverts might have difficulties in interacting with other people. Extroverts, on the other hand, are play makers. To avoid dominating the conversation, it would be ideal to plan an icebreaker ahead of time. This will enable you to allow others to talk and tone down your energy to recharge.

You can also prepare questions. Make sure it is relevant to the topic to avoid awkward situations. Avoid asking personal questions. You can ask about their hobbies, favourite places to visit and many more. As much as possible, avoid talking about your favourite topic.

Set A Time Limit

Attending in a networking event doesn’t mean you have to stay until the end. Set a time limit to avoid exhaustion. You can stay at least one hour or so. The great advantage on networking is that you only need to show up and get to know some people around without even hanging out with for too long.

Ask For An Introduction

You are extrovert; hence, you can easily find someone who can introduce you to other people within the event area. Introducing yourself is a gateway of getting more connections through others effort. This also gives a different light and importance. Asking someone for an introduction signifies trust on you.

Practice Empathic Listening

Extroverts have common mistakes why they often fail in networking. They always do the talking, but forget the practice of listening to others. As a matter of fact, they also forgot listening to themselves. So, put your feet into another person’s shoes. You talk, they listen. When they talk, you listen, and understand. Most networkers are remembered by other people because they know how to listen and understand.

Share Personal Stories

Share personal stories that are interesting and relevant to the topic. You can start asking someone about his recent travel or his favourite hobby. Choose topics that make other person connect.

Practice Every Day

You choose to live day by day networking your business. The more you network, the easier for you to get connected with others. However, you don’t have to attend all networking events just to do the networking routine. You can even go to the gym, walk around the park or shop around and at the same time, you make brief conversations with the people you meet. This will help you hone how to do the right business networking even if you are an extrovert.

Luxury business cards for business networking extroverts

Why Extroverts Need Luxury Business Cards

Being an extrovert businessman is an advantage; you can easily socialise and interact to other people most of the time. But, many of them are too carefree, flaky and indulgent. They tend to forget that networking is still a business and it is not all for fun. Later, they realised that what they did was all wrong.

So if you are a networker, whether you are a newbie or a pro, walking out as an extrovert is bad for the business. You can be intimidating, dominating or does not take the anything seriously. Remember, first impressions always last. To counteract with those misconceptions, have a set of luxury business cards and avail these perks.

Catches Good Attention To Clients

Handing down your luxury business cards to your potential clients and introduce yourself catches good attention to them. This will give you enough time to hold their attention to you without even maximising your networking effort.

Keep The Conversation In Context

Being an extrovert shows an advantage of getting connected with people easily. However, this advantage can also take you to mess up. Holding one of your luxury business cards keep the conversation in context and leave you with a good impression to remember.

You Will Be Remembered

Whether you like it or not, people will always form opinions about you. But with luxury business cards, you will be remembered as it stands out among their collections. There will always be a time where they will contact you. Hence, you will have the possibility of expanding your network.

Final Take-Aways

The wines and laughing during the events is just temporary. You may have the best sales pitch or have the most luxurious business cards. But, business networking will never be successful if you do not define who you really are. Accept the fact that you are an extrovert and you, too have flaws. If you want to be known in the business, use these flaws to improve your personality.


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