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Business Networking – The Neuroscience Of Success And Happiness

Haven’t you heard of local business networking groups in your area these days?

In fact, many industries are making the earnest effort to master it. Yet, it can be a daunting task on how to do the right networking effectively.

True, there are online networking, speed networking and face-to-face networking. But, these consume a lot of time and, whichever you may choose, there are a plethora of alternatives to consider.

Although you have been to various networking events, where each individual passes around their business cards, but the question remains: does this strategy work for my business?

So, before you can figure out which type of networking options to consider, the basics and the purpose of networking should be determined.

Neuro-Networking: Willpower Is Like A Muscle

Yes, networking your business requires willpower.

You must have the ability to resist temptations to achieve long-term goals. Lack of willpower might be the main reason you usually fail reaching your goals.

Willpower may be plentiful – as long as you believe it is. It is also composed of three components to achieve your desired networking objectives.

Establish A Motivation For Change

Re-evaluate yourself. Identify networking techniques you used.

Determine which one works and which one does not. Focus on failures and make this as your motivation for a change.

Set A Clearer Goal

Sure, your main goal is to gather as many contacts as you can.

But, will these contacts be your potential connections? Thus, stick with your industry to easily target prospective clients for your business.

If you want to join any networking event or a group, always ensure you choose an industry where you can relate and contribute a lot to your fellow networkers.

Check Your Behaviour Towards That Goal

Avoid presumptions or beliefs that your actions are enough to attract new connections.

Hence, check your behaviour if you are really taking the right track. Be a good listener to others and accept criticisms. Take it on a positive note.

Willpower is like a muscle. Like in every person working 8 hours a day, it tires out if it is used too much.

But, willpower is all in your head. It is self-generating, which means the longer you wait and the harder you try, the more you can do it.

Business networking - how to network like a pro 
How To Network Like A Pro

It only takes one loop around the dining table at a networking event or business conference to make them feel your presence.

Networking can be the smartest way to learn new fields and business opportunities in the neuroscience industry. Aside from that, meeting new people can turn a traditional event into a fun activity to remember.

But, some people are simply shy and not comfortable talking to a stranger. Others may enjoy mingling in a new crowd, but they never seem to gather and meet the right people.

So if you want to know how to network like a pro, understand the neuroscience of networking and establish a good impression with these tips.

Redefine Networking

What’s in that word?

Part of the problem of many people is the word “networking” itself. A lot of individuals hated networking because they feel forced, formal and an act of getting to know someone who seems like a deception to serve your own ambition.

Networking must not be self-serving. It is all about relationship, and creating something bigger with other people instead of what you can do on your own.

Do’s And Don’ts

Networking, if done right, is equitably simple. Ask questions, listen to the answers and offer a help as capable as you can.

It would also be ideal to practice networking as much as you can. Talk to people and start connecting with a meaningful question. Share what you can afford – that includes your time and expertise.

It Is All In Your Head, Understand Neuro-networking

Don’t deny this: when you have met a new person, there’s a lot going in your head, isn’t it?

That’s when you started remembering their names, answered significant questions, and many others. Whilst, the other part of your brain is determining which one is a friend or a great competitor.

All this process automatically happened in your head at the same time. This process also plays an important role whether you can connect with someone or not.

To blend in, avoid social pain but generate social pleasure.

Social pain refers to social rejection or you feel like you are excluded from a conversation or a group. Social pleasure refers to activated networking where you feel support from those people around you.

So, will you choose social pain over social pleasure?

Take It Online – Before, During And After The Event

Social networking is often misled. Most people think that it needs savvy skills to be technologically updated.

Being active online is as easy as ABC’s. Create an account, connect with your contacts, and share thoughts.

Hence, social networking is the most useful tool in business networking. All you need to do is choose the most appropriate social network for you.

Understanding the neuroscience of business networking 
Takeaway Tips

If you are a start-up entrepreneur in neuroscience industry, know the history of the industry and learn from it. Focus what’s the difference about your approach to successfully create a value.

Learn to relate with other businesses.

Building a relationship is an iterative process; learn from failures of others as well as yourself.

Value your business relationships.

Always consider that the value of a relationship is created over a long period. In business networking, a relationship should be built before the negotiations start.

Gain experience even if they are not for you.

Keep in mind, it should include three elements – how you fulfil your unmet need, diversity between your business and your competitors, and your operational business networking plan.

Understand safety, belonging and mattering.

A potential connection is constantly looking for safety, which is to determine people a friend or a rival. They also want to feel they matter and that they are just not another cog in the wheel.

Give the people what they need.

A successful networker fully understands what every person needs and performs well to support their needs. When talking to a potential contact during the event, do your best to understand their needs.

Respond to them.

If you may be able to give the people what they need, you are also creating a stronger and trusted relationship.

That is the neuroscience of business networking! 


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Friday, July 15, 2016

Business Networking Tips For Extroverts

Business networking tips for extroverts
Being An Extrovert

Introverts are shy whilst extroverts are outgoing. Most people attending in various networking events are extroverts because they love the talking and interacting with other individuals as well. However, extroverts usually fail to succeed in business networking career. Why? This is simply because extroverts are talkers, but, are usually poor listeners.

Many extroverts engage in business networking. They gain energy from other people. They easily recharged by being socially active. According to Han’s theory, extroverts have lower basic rates of arousal. They need to work harder to stimulate their body and minds to reach the normal state. This triggers the extroverts to seek adventure and novelty, craving the company of others.

Meanwhile, networking involves good listening skills to succeed. Listening helps you understand a situation. By understanding a situation, you identify the concerns. Then, you ended up finding ways to help them. Once you offered help, you build a new connection and starting to establish trust. When trust is there, strong relationships are widened. Therefore, networking is like a puzzle. It simply connects the dot one by one. There is no shortcut; it always being with a single step.

How to do the right business networking for extroverts

Networking Tips for Extroverts

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, a few tactics can help you out to gain more important connection. Introverts always get a bad rap because of shyness and lack of confidence. Extroverts are the life of the party or event. But, in terms of business networking, similar practices are recommended.

Manage Your Expectations

If you are going to a business networking event, avoid stressing yourself in meeting a lot of people. Keep in mind that successful networking does not depend on how many people you have met and talked in the event. The real concept of successful networking is to have at least one or two real connections. One quality conversation is more beneficial than the 20 superficial ones.

Plan Some Ice-Breakers Ahead Of Time

Introverts might have difficulties in interacting with other people. Extroverts, on the other hand, are play makers. To avoid dominating the conversation, it would be ideal to plan an icebreaker ahead of time. This will enable you to allow others to talk and tone down your energy to recharge.

You can also prepare questions. Make sure it is relevant to the topic to avoid awkward situations. Avoid asking personal questions. You can ask about their hobbies, favourite places to visit and many more. As much as possible, avoid talking about your favourite topic.

Set A Time Limit

Attending in a networking event doesn’t mean you have to stay until the end. Set a time limit to avoid exhaustion. You can stay at least one hour or so. The great advantage on networking is that you only need to show up and get to know some people around without even hanging out with for too long.

Ask For An Introduction

You are extrovert; hence, you can easily find someone who can introduce you to other people within the event area. Introducing yourself is a gateway of getting more connections through others effort. This also gives a different light and importance. Asking someone for an introduction signifies trust on you.

Practice Empathic Listening

Extroverts have common mistakes why they often fail in networking. They always do the talking, but forget the practice of listening to others. As a matter of fact, they also forgot listening to themselves. So, put your feet into another person’s shoes. You talk, they listen. When they talk, you listen, and understand. Most networkers are remembered by other people because they know how to listen and understand.

Share Personal Stories

Share personal stories that are interesting and relevant to the topic. You can start asking someone about his recent travel or his favourite hobby. Choose topics that make other person connect.

Practice Every Day

You choose to live day by day networking your business. The more you network, the easier for you to get connected with others. However, you don’t have to attend all networking events just to do the networking routine. You can even go to the gym, walk around the park or shop around and at the same time, you make brief conversations with the people you meet. This will help you hone how to do the right business networking even if you are an extrovert.

Luxury business cards for business networking extroverts

Why Extroverts Need Luxury Business Cards

Being an extrovert businessman is an advantage; you can easily socialise and interact to other people most of the time. But, many of them are too carefree, flaky and indulgent. They tend to forget that networking is still a business and it is not all for fun. Later, they realised that what they did was all wrong.

So if you are a networker, whether you are a newbie or a pro, walking out as an extrovert is bad for the business. You can be intimidating, dominating or does not take the anything seriously. Remember, first impressions always last. To counteract with those misconceptions, have a set of luxury business cards and avail these perks.

Catches Good Attention To Clients

Handing down your luxury business cards to your potential clients and introduce yourself catches good attention to them. This will give you enough time to hold their attention to you without even maximising your networking effort.

Keep The Conversation In Context

Being an extrovert shows an advantage of getting connected with people easily. However, this advantage can also take you to mess up. Holding one of your luxury business cards keep the conversation in context and leave you with a good impression to remember.

You Will Be Remembered

Whether you like it or not, people will always form opinions about you. But with luxury business cards, you will be remembered as it stands out among their collections. There will always be a time where they will contact you. Hence, you will have the possibility of expanding your network.

Final Take-Aways

The wines and laughing during the events is just temporary. You may have the best sales pitch or have the most luxurious business cards. But, business networking will never be successful if you do not define who you really are. Accept the fact that you are an extrovert and you, too have flaws. If you want to be known in the business, use these flaws to improve your personality.


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A Business Networking Recipe – Spice It Up With New Sales Pitch

Getting the new business networking recipe

Business networking in groups require expertise in communication whilst, communication is the backbone of the society. This enables the individual to form a connection, motivate change, and influence decisions. Without the communication skills, the possibility to move forward would be difficult as well.

Understanding Glossophobia

Majority of the people have glossophobia or speech anxiety. They are those who have fears of public exposure, but they are also keen observers and objective listeners. However, some people are also communication experts, but they don’t have the ability to pitch their skills.

Speaking to the public the right way plays an important role in the society. It is also the most feared forms of communication. In the business world, public speaking provides great impact on your career path and success in the business industry.

Why Public Speaking Is Essential?

To Win Over A Crowd

When you are doing business, public speaking is essential. This will help you win over a crowd. Of course, you need to be knowledgeable about the subject you are presenting. But, you must also need to be credible when carrying your speech. You must also need to be prepared when oppositions arise. You must speak with composure and sales pitch.

To Motivate People

Public speaking also enables you to motivate people. You influence them to do something, change behaviour, or attain goals. Networking your business in groups might be a critical idea to discuss. But, putting excitement and enthusiasm into your pitch enliven your audience.

Talking to a group of people needn’t be stiff and boring. It also requires spice to entertain. It is not just enough to basically know the issues at hand. It would also be best to encourage your audience to share their passion.

To Inform

One of the most important features of public speaking is the ability to inform. It is not only pure visuals; it is more on details of the subject you bring into the table. Once you have the chance to take out your speech, you will have the capability to enhance their understanding. Then, your entire speech will be remembered and defines what you are as a networker.

Business networking new sales pitch - public speaking

How To Overcome Speech Anxiety?

Statistically, most women have glossophobia or fear of public speaking. In fact, it is the third most common fear after losing a family member. But, this is not the case. You cannot avoid speaking in the public especially if you are running a business or building up a new career.

Speech anxiety may be irrational. You simply stand in front of a people, but there was no threat at all. Thus, you have the opportunity to present yourself. You learn, you impact someone, you deliver a message, and you walk away fulfilled. If you want to prove yourself worthy, it is best to overcome speech anxiety.

Keep It Professional

Be true to yourself but in a more professional way. Speak in your language and be casual. You need to think that you are only talking to your friend offering something to sell. Watch out for your stance and posture. This will describe your personality as a speaker and signifies your confidence to speak. Find your comfort zone but avoid extra movements. This only shows uneasiness.

Make Solid Eye Contact And Hands On The Side

This is one of the most challenging tasks, making an eye-to-eye contact with your audience. If you want to become a better networker, you must practice eye contact. Making an eye contact provides connection to an individual. Placing your hands on the side also is a professional way to speak. However, you can let your hands make gestures naturally.

Use The Right Words and Pauses

Speaking to the public does not require proper grammar structure. Hence, use words that can easily be understood. Be concise and straightforward. Avoid jargon and fillers. You will just complicate the entire speech. Keep in mind, you are there to encourage people and make them learn.

A good speaker must also know the right time to take pauses. This will enable your audience to digest the information you have thrown to them. Then, make sure you always follow it with a call to action line, a key point in your overall message.

Business networking-how to overcome speech anxiety

Breathe and Memorise

Slow down. Take a deep breath. Give your muscles a break for once. Always remember, your voice is your weapon. It is responsible for delivering your message and connecting with the people. Prior to your speech, memorise your introduction. This will be your springboard once you begin talking. Then, make sure it has significance to your ending speech.

Put On Confidence Until It Comes

Building self-confidence is very difficult to attain, but faking it would be the best option. If you feel anxious, hide it and cover it with a smile and deep breath. Later on, your body starts to initiate real gestures of confidence. If you forgot or repeated something, try your best not to apologise. It will just bring out attention to your audience.

The Final Ingredient

Exchanging of ideas will always be a part of the entire communication. You must be prepared to interact without combating certain issues. Keep in mind, there is a difference between exchanging ideas and combating certain issues. Exchanging of ideas refers to a debate whilst combating issues is an argument.

Local business networking groups will always have an instance where the members will be compelled with their differences. It is the balance of nature. Each time you speak, there might be conflicting thoughts you will face from other members. Hence, the best ingredient to outshine them is to remain calm, rational and reasonable at all times.

Attempt to resolve an issue using effective grammar and speech. Have patience and be willing to lose graciously. That is sportsmanship. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This will give you the opportunity to open up a new door of building a solid relationship and trust - that’s the concept of business networking.


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How To Do Business Networking Just Right

Business networking for start-ups – How can I do it strategically and effectively?
Business networking for start-ups – How can I do it strategically and effectively?
Think about it. How many people do you know? How many of them understand your business and which amongst them can be your positive referrals for your business? Business networking is engineered with personal connections and leveraging your business in order to create a new supply of business. It may sound simple, but behind it, there are a lot of complex processes you need to make.

Networking a business is not all about showing up on all business functions and collecting a bunch of business cards. Although this is a typical scenario of business networking, but at the end of the day, what do business cards represent?

Most aspiring businesses are easily frustrated and disappointed because it is just a waste of time, money and effort since the pace is too slow. Business networking needs to be strategic, focused and proactive. You must keep in mind that not all people you have met can help grow your business, but everything you have done will be the purpose of growing a business. Henceforth, you have to control the people whom you have met, the place where you have met, and develop on how you can influence relationships to come up with a mutual benefit.

Networking Specifics

The most important part of London business networking is to be more specific about what you are doing. You should make a plan, focus on it, and be consistent. Once you understand the concept of networking and you want to step yourself up for a challenge, you will definitely find a lot of opportunities that you have never been discovered in your entire life. Through this, you will now have the capability to grow your business as an invaluable investment. 

Business networking specifications – Plan, Motivation, Consistency and Connections
Business networking specifications – Plan, Motivation, Consistency and Connections
Start networking before you need it.

An experienced networker can sense a person who is in dire need of help from across the room, and then the competition starts. As an end result, the seasoned networker wins. For that reason, start networking your business even if you do not need it yet. It is best to offer help and build a reputation first. In time, you will need them.

Make a plan.

Before going to a battle, you need to ensure what’s your worth. Always remember that every person has a value. So make a plan first, determine your strengths, skills sets, talents, and connections you can bring to the table. You must also need to know the things you want to talk about such as how you can help other people now and then.

Be generous.

Forget your personal intentions first. Keep in mind that generosity is the most attractive characteristics of a networker. Be friendly, open, and honest. That is the key people will remember you. 

Every individual is important.

A common mistake of a networker is that they easily dismiss and forget people who have lesser title to others. Don’t be. Consider every person as an important one. They may be a typical clerk in a retail store, but you don’t know they may have more valuable connections and knowledge than you.

Be a good listener.

Business networking is not purely more about the talks; it is more of a good listening. Once you learned what a person can bring to the table, you will also understand how this person can help others aside from you. 

Determine how you can be useful.

Never dismiss a conversation without asking the person on how you can help to them with a genuine smile. Most people often forget that gesture. Although they may have no definite answer, surely, they have already an idea on where to ask a help. 

Stay connected.

Successful business networking needs consistent communication. Therefore, you need to communicate with them. You don’t have to contact them more often; all you need to do is fulfil what you have promised to them. If you told them to meet up with some of the people you know, reaffirm it. Being busy is not an excuse, as there are a lot of ways on how to get in touch with them.

Trust is a BIG word.

With the recent economic status today, earning a trust is crucial. So if you believe in the power of networking, you will discover the magic of it. The true value of business networking is about helping each other out, and there, you can earn their trust.

Business Networking – Finding Ways on How to Find the Perfect Partner for Success
Business Networking – Finding Ways on How to Find the Perfect Partner for Success

Finding The Right Partner On Business Networking

Engaging yourself in a networking business is very easy if you have found the right partner. This person must have the signs of a goof business networker. Since you are offering help, the right partner must have the traits as similar as you, which is offering help as well.

A person who have the eagerness to learn, even if he or she doesn’t know your business, has a potential to be your rightful partner. Those individuals who take the time of keeping in touch with you despite the busy schedules are a perfect fit to become your partner. People who understand the concept of farming rather than hunting is the best environment to nourish business networking. An individual who gave off their time and knowledge just to make others successful is the best business networking partner for you.

Finding the right partnerships does not need to be specific with the title or status in the society. This person can only be met on a regular basis wherein you have constant communication. In order to attain this, you need to join several events and functions wherein you will also meet similar people. With this, you will be able to build a new relationship and create a good reputation.

The Bottom-line

As a final point, business networking does not to have a lot of connections. Although it may be helpful in many ways, it can only hurt your business since only a few of them have interests in your business. Hence, look for those individuals who are willing to listen and extend help even if you don’t need it.


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Monday, April 11, 2016

Let’s Try Some Speed: Business Networking Dos and Don’ts

If you’ve never been a fan of a long, drawn-out meeting, then you may want to try speed networking. Essentially, speed networking is a meeting format that maximises the amount of business contacts at a given event, where participants are time-bound and are therefore forced to interact with their partners at the time that is given to them. Business networking events in particular is fond of using this format.

Adapted from the concept of speed dating where participants go on several short dates with one person and exchange as much information as they can before they are whisked away, round-robin style. If you are someone looking to tap into a new market or are just starting out in their businesses and could use the exposure, this is for you.

Walk The Talk
Since you are representing not just yourself, but your brand, it would do well to look good. What you wear is a reflection of how you want your business to appear, and in this, it would do to inject some effort. Depending on the industry - corporations and financial institutions have it a lot stricter, dress-code-wise - this could be a deal breaker. You are only given a limited amount of time, after all.

Making The Most
Once the event has started, it would do to prepare a few key phrases in order to leave a mark on the people you meet. Prepare beforehand for the things you want to say, and the impression you want to make. What sort of issues is pressing in your chosen industry? What are you looking for in a business contact? Is there any question that you want to ask? Try to write them down in a list in order to utilise your time effectively.

Say It Like You Mean It
When it starts, you are given only one opportunity to make yourself stand out. Body language is key here. Try to appear engaged by leaning in and listening intently to your partner.  Compare notes on what their business is like in order to glean insight from other similar industries. If you can, compliment them or say something nice about their products, if you or someone you know already patronises their business.

In any case, it may be worth a shot to try speed networking if you’re someone who is looking to break into a new market or expanding their business. First impressions do matter, in this case, so take great care in making your time count. Effective business networking and relationships are based on trust after all, but the first initial meeting also matters a great deal.


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Need Help with Business Networking in London?

Business networking in London has never been so easy within your local community. Share ideas with our expanding community of businesses and owners. In return, you get to generate revenue for yourself and your industry!

Find out more here:

Disclaimer: This blog is not owned, run or in any way associated with BNI.com. We are independent business owners who have been successful at networking and wanted to share our experience with the different forms of network groups available across London.

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How Referrals, Lead Generation, and Networking Events Bind Together

For London businessmen seeking to acquire new clients, there are three terms that they must familiarize themselves with: referrals, lead generation, and networking events. Individually, each of these offers an advantage that holds a great promise for business growth. When taken together, however, these three create the perfect recipe to skyrocketing sales and protecting investments. - Lead Generation and Referrals - Leads are basically lists of potential clients that a company could obtain via demographics, cold calls, or other marketing strategies. While leads do not exactly promise conversion to sales, they are the most likely people to avail of certain products and services. Referrals, on the other hand, lists of people that you obtain through partners and clients. Also, they do not exactly convert to sales, but they hold great potential.