Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Join Networking Events in London to Build Beneficial Relationships

You may think that you are already selling your services when you’re networking with other people. The truth is, you are only making connections with people who in turn can help you in your sales. While selling may involve repetitive promotion of products or services to a particular audience, networking follows a rule that a networker can only contact a person one time. To learn more about networking and how it can work for you, attend networking events in London. Here you can find many individual with the same interest whom you can build a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Networking Events in London for Photographers: Opening a Wider Lens

Some people may look at photography as a wonderful profession to earn a living from, or at least have a second paycheque to supplant their main income. Being able to find veteran lens men from whom you could learn is a big key in advancing your skills with the camera. In her article for the Digital Photography School hobbyist website, Lara White said it takes a lot of effort to build contacts if you ever decide to hit the professional circuit. The sights of London are already spectacles too hard to miss, even for casual “shooters.” There are many professional studios and even paparazzi whose candid shots would later end up in the gossip papers. If you are parlaying your craft with the camera into a passion worth being paid for while creating new leads, it makes sense to attend networking events in London organized by outfits such as BNI London.