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Business Networking – The Neuroscience Of Success And Happiness

Haven’t you heard of local business networking groups in your area these days?

In fact, many industries are making the earnest effort to master it. Yet, it can be a daunting task on how to do the right networking effectively.

True, there are online networking, speed networking and face-to-face networking. But, these consume a lot of time and, whichever you may choose, there are a plethora of alternatives to consider.

Although you have been to various networking events, where each individual passes around their business cards, but the question remains: does this strategy work for my business?

So, before you can figure out which type of networking options to consider, the basics and the purpose of networking should be determined.

Neuro-Networking: Willpower Is Like A Muscle

Yes, networking your business requires willpower.

You must have the ability to resist temptations to achieve long-term goals. Lack of willpower might be the main reason you usually fail reaching your goals.

Willpower may be plentiful – as long as you believe it is. It is also composed of three components to achieve your desired networking objectives.

Establish A Motivation For Change

Re-evaluate yourself. Identify networking techniques you used.

Determine which one works and which one does not. Focus on failures and make this as your motivation for a change.

Set A Clearer Goal

Sure, your main goal is to gather as many contacts as you can.

But, will these contacts be your potential connections? Thus, stick with your industry to easily target prospective clients for your business.

If you want to join any networking event or a group, always ensure you choose an industry where you can relate and contribute a lot to your fellow networkers.

Check Your Behaviour Towards That Goal

Avoid presumptions or beliefs that your actions are enough to attract new connections.

Hence, check your behaviour if you are really taking the right track. Be a good listener to others and accept criticisms. Take it on a positive note.

Willpower is like a muscle. Like in every person working 8 hours a day, it tires out if it is used too much.

But, willpower is all in your head. It is self-generating, which means the longer you wait and the harder you try, the more you can do it.

Business networking - how to network like a pro 
How To Network Like A Pro

It only takes one loop around the dining table at a networking event or business conference to make them feel your presence.

Networking can be the smartest way to learn new fields and business opportunities in the neuroscience industry. Aside from that, meeting new people can turn a traditional event into a fun activity to remember.

But, some people are simply shy and not comfortable talking to a stranger. Others may enjoy mingling in a new crowd, but they never seem to gather and meet the right people.

So if you want to know how to network like a pro, understand the neuroscience of networking and establish a good impression with these tips.

Redefine Networking

What’s in that word?

Part of the problem of many people is the word “networking” itself. A lot of individuals hated networking because they feel forced, formal and an act of getting to know someone who seems like a deception to serve your own ambition.

Networking must not be self-serving. It is all about relationship, and creating something bigger with other people instead of what you can do on your own.

Do’s And Don’ts

Networking, if done right, is equitably simple. Ask questions, listen to the answers and offer a help as capable as you can.

It would also be ideal to practice networking as much as you can. Talk to people and start connecting with a meaningful question. Share what you can afford – that includes your time and expertise.

It Is All In Your Head, Understand Neuro-networking

Don’t deny this: when you have met a new person, there’s a lot going in your head, isn’t it?

That’s when you started remembering their names, answered significant questions, and many others. Whilst, the other part of your brain is determining which one is a friend or a great competitor.

All this process automatically happened in your head at the same time. This process also plays an important role whether you can connect with someone or not.

To blend in, avoid social pain but generate social pleasure.

Social pain refers to social rejection or you feel like you are excluded from a conversation or a group. Social pleasure refers to activated networking where you feel support from those people around you.

So, will you choose social pain over social pleasure?

Take It Online – Before, During And After The Event

Social networking is often misled. Most people think that it needs savvy skills to be technologically updated.

Being active online is as easy as ABC’s. Create an account, connect with your contacts, and share thoughts.

Hence, social networking is the most useful tool in business networking. All you need to do is choose the most appropriate social network for you.

Understanding the neuroscience of business networking 
Takeaway Tips

If you are a start-up entrepreneur in neuroscience industry, know the history of the industry and learn from it. Focus what’s the difference about your approach to successfully create a value.

Learn to relate with other businesses.

Building a relationship is an iterative process; learn from failures of others as well as yourself.

Value your business relationships.

Always consider that the value of a relationship is created over a long period. In business networking, a relationship should be built before the negotiations start.

Gain experience even if they are not for you.

Keep in mind, it should include three elements – how you fulfil your unmet need, diversity between your business and your competitors, and your operational business networking plan.

Understand safety, belonging and mattering.

A potential connection is constantly looking for safety, which is to determine people a friend or a rival. They also want to feel they matter and that they are just not another cog in the wheel.

Give the people what they need.

A successful networker fully understands what every person needs and performs well to support their needs. When talking to a potential contact during the event, do your best to understand their needs.

Respond to them.

If you may be able to give the people what they need, you are also creating a stronger and trusted relationship.

That is the neuroscience of business networking! 


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